Monday Brekky with Zoe, Simon and Frenchy

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Monday 7:00 am 9:00 am

Zoe, Sampson and Frenchy

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What do you get when a Hot Mess, an Old Soul and a Hipster at Heart enter the same room?

You get Zoe, Simon and Frenchy tuning you into your Monday’s live, from PBA FM 89.7! As a BRAND NEW radio show the hosts will reel you in with their unique, cheeky and oddly profound personalities. Their show’s play out like a Monday morning coffee run; necessary, bitter-sweet and gosh-darn refreshing!

With their endearing as well as controversial nature keeping you hooked and wanting in on the fun you’ll be pleased to have Zoe, Simon & Frenchy as part of your routine!

Every Monday from 7am join in on the conversation and experience radio on stilts, as Zoe, Simon and Frenchy set you up for your work-week better!

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