Living in the 70’s

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Living in the 70's

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"Living In The 70's" the only 4 hours of great 70's music every Wednesday from 1-30pm on PBA FM 89-7. Tell your friends!

You can make a request on 8250 3735 after 2pm on Wednesdays or SMS ONLY on 0402 542 893, 24 hours a day. I will also take requests from the comments from the request post for each week.

If you have a song you have not heard for a long time, let me know and I will do my best to track it down. There are lots of 70's music played on the radio but not a program run completely by the listeners and that is why we are the biggest 70's request program in Adelaide. We play those artists you grew up with but not the same songs you hear daily on other radio stations. Yes, we play those too.

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