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    On-Air and broadcasting 24 hours

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    As diverse as our local community

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    Facilitating high quality broadcast access to the community


PBA-FM is a community radio station providing entertainment, information and access programs to the local community broadcasting from the TWELVE25 Youth Enterprise Centre in Salisbury.

We give the opportunity for members of the community to train in broadcasting and are fortunate to have an 'army' of volunteers from all walks of life who present programmes as diverse as the local community.

Our volunteers contribute to the operation of the station by working on a regular basis in various areas including such as on-air presentation, programme production, administration, technical, research, library, training and promotions.


PBA-FM enables a diversity of interests to have a voice in the public life of our community. We provide a forum for many voices at a time when increasing numbers of people in the community may feel excluded or limited in their capacity to take part in the social, cultural and political life of their community and country.

Programming at PBA-FM is as diverse as our community and we encourage diverse, fresh, innovative and entertaining programmes.

We have more than 20 non-English speaking programs and many varied music programs to suit all styles and tastes. Many local community groups, ethnic, religious and special interest groups also broadcast their own programmes on PBA-FM.



For listeners in metropolitan Adelaide simply tune your FM radio in 89.7.

We broadcast from the northern side of the city so listeners further south may experience some trouble tuning in.

Web Stream

PBA-FM is streaming live online 24 hours a day in near CD quality 64kbs aacPlus and a second stream providing 128 Kbps MP3. Click play on the player to listen:

Click here to download Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin if your media player requires it

Stream Links

Direct MP3 Stream Links:

aacPlus Stream Links

Your media player may require a codec - click here to download.

You can also listen to us on your phone with the tunein radio app available for both Android and Apple devices. Find out more by visiting tunein.com


Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you!

Phone: +61 8 8250 3735

Email: pbafm@pbafm.org.au

Street Address: 17-19 Wiltshire Street, Salisbury SA 5108

Postal Address: PO Box 433, Salisbury SA 5108