Policies, Guidelines and Constitution


As an incorporated association we are governed by our constitution.

PBA-FM Constitution
PBA-FM – Org Chart


The following policies guide the operation of Para Broadcasters Association Inc.

Codes of Practice The Community Radio Broadcasting Codes Of Practice (“the Codes”) set out the operational standards and guiding principles and policies for programming on community broadcasting stations.
PBA-FM – Programming Policy Are you an interested individual or community group who would like to broadcast a program? If so, download the program application form and return the completed form to us. PBA-FM Program Application Form
PBA-FM – Music Policy
PBA-FM – Sponsorship Policy
PBA-FM – Community Participation Policy
PBA-FM – Membership Policy Become a member, apply now, download the application form PBA-FM Membership Application Form
PBA-FM – Volunteering Policy
PBA-FM – Complaints Policy
PBA-FM – Training Policy
PBA-FM – Anti-discrimination, EEO, Bullying and Conduct Policy
PBA-FM – Internal Conflict Policy
PBA-FM – Environmental Sustainability Policy
PBA-FM – Diversity Policy

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